Quality security alarm systems can prevent this

Watchdog Alarms offers quality smart security systems to protect your home and business. You can access and monitor places that matter remotely from anywhere in the world.

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Home Security

Improve the safety of your loved ones with our smart home security systems, personal alarms and more. We can tailor a solution to suit your lifestyle needs and offer pet-friendly options to further compliment your home life.
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Small Business Security

We create business security systems to suit your need. Don’t risk it. Protect your business and have a peace of mind with our custom surveillance and effective alarm solutions while you’re in or out of office.
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Alarm Monitoring

Watchdog Alarms can monitor all alarm systems from our ASIAL Graded A1 Australian based control room, even if you don’t have a phone line. 24/7 security alarm monitoring is one of the best ways to protect your home and business.
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Watchdog Alarms is one of the first companies in Australia to offer a fully self-contained wireless alarm system you can fully control from anywhere in the world.

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Top 4 Benefits of Security Alarm Systems and CCTV


Most thieves and burglars are opportunists. Your home or store can avoid becoming a crime scene. Seeing a security alarm system and CCTV will deter riff-raffs from making a move on your property. Protect the things that matter.

Peace of mind

Do you have valuables or pets that are precious to you? Did you know that there’s been an increase in pets getting stolen and sold online? You will have that extra layer of protection and a peace of mind with the ability to monitor activity from your smartphone.

Round the clock monitoring

Record 24-hour activities in your home, office or store. The footage captured are great for surveillance and security check. They can also be used as important evidence if any unfortunate event was recorded.

Monitor obscure areas

You can install security cameras in obscure areas of your property. Most burglars would break in through the back-door and off-street windows. Install security alarms and cameras in these areas to prevent getting broken into.