Retail Security - Keeping your stores safe from crime and losses

Did you know that Retail theft forms part of the largest crime category in Australia?

Security Systems for Retail Stores

As a small business owner, nothing is more important than to protect your inventory against theft and damage. According to the Australian Retailers Association, thefts forms the largest crime category in Australia, costing the retail sector more than $7.5 billion each year. Performance of retail stores can be severely affected by shoplifting and internal theft costs. Investing in a good security system can prevent losses and deter theft from occurring.

Videofied Retail Security Solution

False alarm fines can be a huge expense in the retail world and impact the bottom-line. Videofied is not only a great way to eliminate fines and provide greater protection to the business but also, importantly, has been shown to improve arrest rates for organised retail crime (ORC). Videofied can be installed as a cost-effective add-on to an existing alarm system so employees do not need to learn a new system at all. In addition to the front doors, loading docks and warehouse, Videofied can be used in non-traditional places like outdoor storage lots, rooftops, or even vacant adjacent spaces in the strip mall.

Quality Video Footage

Unlike a typical CCTV surveillance system that just records videos, Videofied security systems is a complete video alarm system that sends a short video clip with the alarm notification to a central station for immediate review. But, with great alarm notifications, quality of the surveillance video is crucial. At Watchdog Alarms, we provide a variety of security camera options. We are also HIKVision’s first partner in Western Australia. See below for footage examples from external CCTV and security reviews.

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