Choosing the Right Security Camera System for your Property

Keep your home and business safe from vandalism, burglaries and thefts with property security systems

Tailoring property security systems based on your needs and requirements

Everyone’s security needs are different. There are two main areas to consider when planning to install a security system on your property. The first is needs and requirements of the premises, and the second is personal or occupants’ requirements.

When it comes to assessing requirements for property security systems, the physical aspects are typically non-negotiable. It’s a matter of paying close attention to the outer vicinity, where the property is situated, as well as structures, trees and plants in the surrounding.

Determining the right property security system

  • Are you a homeowner or renting?
    If you’re renting or planning to move in the next few years, a wireless system would be our recommended solution. We can help you set up and relocating to the next property wouldn’t be an issue.
  • Remote Access
    Would you like total control over your home or business? Watchdog Alarms recommends as a remote solution. You can arm, disarm and monitor your property via your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.
  • Security cameras
    Are you often away from your property, or would like to be able to monitor events while you’re out? Security cameras would enable you to do all that. What’s more… with solutions like videofied, you will be contacted and sent a recording of an intruder when the alarm is triggered.

Did you know you can monitor and control your security system from anywhere in the world?

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