Pet Friendly Alarm Systems

Pet friendly sensors that can tell the difference between animal and human intruders.

Security alarm systems that can tell the difference between an animal and an intruder

Don’t settle for standard sensors that have been blinded from looking at the floor – we offer sensors that intelligently detect the difference between a human and a pet up to 45kg for a single animal or up to 25kg for two pets.  Even 10 cats! Watchdog Alarms’ detectors are highly effective in detecting human intruders as physical attributes are taken into consideration.

Here’s how the detectors work:

  • Height
    Humans are taller, and therefore the coverage pattern would be higher. The coverage pattern takes advantage of this by varying the sensitivity of detection zones based on height.
  • Hair
    Animals have more hair, and thus produces a lower infrared heat signal. A passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects. Our detectors are optimised to tell the differences in IP energy in humans and animals.
  • Limbs
    Humans have thicker arms and legs, thus creating higher microwave signals. Pet friendly security alarms can detect the difference in energy levels.

Reliable home security that even kids can operate

To make using the system easier Watchdog Alarms provide options for remote controls, touch LCD codepads (no need for user manuals anymore!), as well as fully wireless systems and even systems that take a video of the intruder and send it to the security control room. We can even help those that are renting with systems that can be easily removed and re-installed in your new home.

At Watchdog Alarms we pride ourselves on each and every system we install. One of our trained security professionals will come and meet with you and your loved ones to  go through your requirements, offering you solutions that meet both your needs and budget.

Watchdog Alarms can help you avoid paying for a phone line you don’t need

Are you paying for a line rental only for your alarm? STOP!

With the Watchdog Alarms Permaconn system all your alarm signals travel over the Telstra Mobile Network. We pay for all charges on the device, including calls that would normally have gone via your home phone. You may be interested to know that almost all alarm panels make a phone call every time they need to send a signal, including automated test calls. When a Watchdog Alarms Permaconn system is installed on your system, all messages are sent using our SIM card via the Telstra 3G network, saving you daily telephone costs. (We pay all your network charges as part of the fixed monthly fee!). So what are you waiting for – Switch and cancel your home line rental today!

 Australian Standards

The Permaconn system has been certified and meets class 2, 3 and 4 of AS/NZ 2201.5-2008. Insurance companies recognise the benefits of installing Permaconn and may offer genuine discounts.

Did you know you can monitor and control your security system from anywhere in the world?

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