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Connect your home and lifestyle with Home Automation

WatchdogHome is an affordable smart home technology that would enable you to access and control your home through a smartphone, tablet or computer. It takes home security to a whole new level with video surveillance and the ability to arm and disarm your alarm remotely. You can also lock doors, control lights and thermostats from your mobile device.

See who’s there from anywhere

Watchdog Alarms offer a wide range of affordable security cameras that are compatible with WatchdogHome. Keep track of your children, pets and any activity that goes on at your property. You’ll also receive SMS or email alerts with images whenever you need to know what’s going on, anytime, anywhere.

You don’t have to carry keys around anymore!

WatchdogHome Home Automation allows you to lock or unlock doors via your smartphone. It will also notify you if someone tries to break in. You can also give your trusty neighbour a temporary code so they can feed your precious pet while you’re away.

Home Automation Controls the Lights

Turning lights on and off just gets easier with home automation. It’s a great way to help keep your energy bill in check.

WatchdogHome allows you to control the lights in your home remotely via a smart mobile device. It comes in handy when you’ve forgotten to switch the lights off, or if you would like your home to be well-lit before entering the door.

Home Automation Keeps You Comfortable

WatchdogHome Home Automation enables you to control your thermostat remotely. This means more than staying cool or warm without getting off the couch, it helps you keep your energy bill under control. And, in the height of winter and summer, you can make adjustments to your home as soon as you walk in the door!

More than just a cool garage door controller

A standard garage door control works fine for just opening and closing, but it is useless as soon as you leave the driveway. With home automation, you can use your smartphone to check if the garage’s been left open, and close it if necessary.

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